•    Square Dancing (Appalachian Mt. style)   

    Square Dancing is a very old form of social dance, first documented in England by John Playford in 1651, and soon spreading to France. These dances came to the United States in early Colonial days, brought by the English and the French, which explains why some steps have English names and some have French names, all within the same dance.

    Most are done with four couples facing each other in a square formation, but some, like the popular Virginia Reel, are done with partners facing each other in two long lines, and some are even done in large circles! Once in the appropriate formation, the couples follow the steps directed by the caller in time to the music provided by a live band or recording. The idea is to follow the calls as closely as possible, but perfection isn’t required.

    I chose to be a Square Dance caller because I like to watch people having fun. Sure, they make mistakes sometimes, but who cares? They are moving to the music, getting exercise, and getting to know each other. That’s why I started attending Square Dances many years ago, why I’ve studied Square Dancing, and why I enjoy teaching it.

    Let me know next time you want to have some fun with your friends, and I’ll show you!