FEES: All fees, if not pre-paid, will be collected at the door. No checks, cash only. Any other arrangements must be made in advance.

ARRIVAL TIME: All students are asked to arrive at least TEN (10) MINUTES before class is scheduled to begin. This allows time for you to change shoes (see Shoe Policy below), and to meet and greet your fellow students. Also, please allow time to park, especially if the weather is bad.

CLASS TIME: All classes will start/end as per the schedule, because there may be another class waiting to start after you. Also, if you are unable to arrive promptly, please call (215) 885-7935 to let me know about your situation.

SHOE (FOOTWEAR) POLICY: Students are required to bring leather-soled shoes to class. No sneakers or rubber-bottomed sandals, etc. I have nice hardwood floors in my dance space. You can change into your shoes when you arrive, because your outdoor footwear picks up the smallest of stones, which can scratch the floor. I’ll provide socks if you just happen to forget the shoes. Your leather-soled dance shoes will also make it a lot easier to execute the turns in Zydeco that I will show you. (Gentlemen: If you don’t own a pair of leather-soled shoes, you can probably find them in a local thrift store. There is one near here that is open until 7:00 p.m. most evenings, and they sell shoes for about $10.)

WEATHER RELATED CLOSINGS: All students will be contacted by telephone and/or email (both must be on file) up to two (2) hours prior to class time.

The instructor will have final say as to whether or not a particular class is going to be canceled.

MAKE-UP CLASSES: If a class is canceled, there is a make-up week already built into the schedule. Please check with the instructor for details.